Below are some links to projects and organisations Martin has been involved with over the years:

Martin Kemp talks about his book Christ to Coke: How image become icon at the London School of Economics.
Oxford University Press blog looks at what makes an image an icon in connection with the publication of his book Christ to Coke: How image becomes icon.
BBC News. Highlights of a video discussing top iconic images and Martin's suggestions for top iconic images.
Martin's blog musings.
Universal Leonardo is a project co-established by Martin aimed at deepening our understanding of Leonardo da Vinci through a series of European exhibitions, scientific research and web-based resources
The Association of Art Historians. Highlights of an interview with Martin discussing Art Historians and time spent at the Courtauld Institute in the 60s.
Oxford University podcasts. Martin features in podcasts on his publication La Bella Principessa, as well as valedictory lecture (in two parts) from 2007. These podcasts can also be accessed via iTunesU
An interview by art and fashion writer Ana Finel Honigman on discussing Leonardo and the Universal Leonardo project.
An interview discussing the frame on La Bella Principessa.
A campaign to strengthen support for the arts at both national and local levels, and keep abreast of plans which may affect the arts in your area.